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EAM Group specializes in building out and managing our clients supply chain. Logistics are at the heart of every business model in the modern tech era, so keeping up with the times is key to your business success. We leverage our long-established relationships with major distribution to help you reduce your costs for logistics and super-size the reach you gain with customers and potential customers.

Our Services
What’s more, we can deliver complete project management solutions on a turn-key basis, offering you the convenience of a single source while freeing your team for other requirements. Alternately, we offer expert assistance if you are relying on others or undertaking any of these endeavors on your own.

With our proven capabilities, EAM Group offers customers a full-service portfolio, including global supply chain design and planning, logistics and distribution, customs brokerage and international trade services, as well as freight services via ocean, air or ground.

With the rise of global commerce, we’re uniquely positioned to leverage our capabilities, systems and global network to synchronize your global supply chain from end to end - regionally, nationally and globally.

  • Distribution Services
  • Integrator Services
  • Resource Assembling Services
  • Planning Capabilities
  • Technology – Build or Source
  • Design, Build and Run Comprehensive Supply Chain Solutions
  • Gaining Distribution for Your Products
  • Management of Distribution
  • Order Processing
  • Integration of Logistics for Demo Programs
  • Management of the Entire Logistics Process


  • We incorporate advanced software with other solutions to help optimize tracking/inventory control, shipping and receiving, and, order fulfillment including reporting and EDI connectivity​
  • We combine industry-leading software with best practices associated with order management systems (OMS) and distribution to reduce fuel costs, labor expenses and shipping delays
  • We manage a variety of supply-chain challenges, from international supply networks to integration with third-party services providers and more
  • We provide multi-modal transportation to connect Chicago businesses with the world 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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